About Us

About Us

Manali Healthcare was established on 2005, with a new combinations of ayurvedic ingredients in industry. Our company consists of efficient ,dedicated and advance staff. Major factor of our company that we offers to customers is Purity, Quality and Service. Sincerity towards fulfillments of Business Commitments, and extra ordinary Customary Care pays heavy revenue on long run in Business.

Customers can be feel free to call us at anytime and interact with our member for any inquiry of our products. Manali health Care is located at 308,Shashwat Complex,Bhulabhai Cross Road,Gitamandir Road, Ahmedabad-380 022, Gujarat.

Region Covered: Gujarat, Maharashtra & Rajasthan


Our Vision is to expand our healthcare from individual to individual,where customers himself/herself may pass a long chain to buy our product. Transform ayurveda in better way in modern era..
Our company deals with various products like weight loss ,Diabetes Control etc.These products are 100%Ayurvedic which consists of all ayurvedic ingredients with tested and quality checked by experts.

Details of these products are as follows:

  1. Manali Thin Capsules (Weight Loss)

    Manali Thin capsules is a combinations of all ayurvedic ingredients and pure mixture.These capsules reduces Stomach & extra fat of body and makes you look slimmer.
    Reduces weight upto 10-12kgs in 3months. Intake of warm water upto 3-4 litre in a day must be there. No side-effects. Should not be taken by pregnant women.

    Dose : 2times a day after lunch and dinner.
    2 capsules after lunch and 2capsules after dinner with warm water
    Can be taken above age of 7years

    Storage: Store in a cool & dry place.Protect from direct sunlight.

    Packing: 120capsules a month

  2. Manali Sugarfit (Diabetes Control)

    Manali Sugarfit Granules are powder based product for diabetes patients.These Granules are helpful in treating Diabetes, Reduces Sugar levels,Increases Insulin Secretion,Promotes Digestion,Controls Urine Frequency.

    Once test diabetes before starting our product and result will be seen in 10 days.
    Can reduce use of other medicines using for diabetes after using one month of our product

    Dose: Half spoon before lunch and Dinner with warm water only.

    Storage: Store in a cool & dry place.Protect from direct sunlight.

    Packing: 200gm Bottle per month.

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