Gokharu Powder


Gokharu Powder



  • 165 INR per 200gm

Product Description

  1. Boon for Kidney ailments
    • Decoction prepared with Gokhru fruits are very capable to treat real disorders.
    • One should have the decoction twice a day for better results.
    • Gokhru for kidney; is really an effective medicine.
  2. Treatment for Gout–
    Inflammation of the Gout and swelling in joints can be relieved using Gokhru

    • Take equal quantities of Gokhru fruits and ginger root.
    • Take 10-20 gm of the mixture and boil in 400 ml of water till water is reduced to 1/4th.
    • Give the prepared decoction twice a day to the patient.
    • It cures the swelling and relieves the pain too.
  3. Treats Headache-
    • Prepare a decoction of Gokru bark.
    • Give 10-20 gm of this decoction twice a day.
    • It cures the headache especially due to acidity.
  4. Enhances Digestive power-
    • Mix 5 gm powder of peepal with 100 ml decoction of Gokhru.
    • Give this decoction in little amounts.
    • It enhances the digestive power.
  5. Aids in Dysuria-
    • Soak 100gm whole plant in 1/2 liter of water for 2 hours.
    • Then crush the contents  and strain the solution.
    • Give this to the patient thrice a day.
    • It aids in eased urination and treats dysuria.
  6. Helpful in Asthma–
    • Give 2 gm powder of the pulp of its flowers.
    • Add 2-3 dry fig in it and give this regularly thrice a day.
    • Continue the treatment for few days.
    • It cures the Asthma problem.
  7. Treats Calculus-
    Gokhru cures Calculus which is also known as the stone formation in organs

    • Give 5 gm powdered Gokhru with 1 teaspoonful honey.
    • Give the dosage thrice a day followed by goat milk.
    • It cures the stones.
  8. Aids in Bleeding diathesis-
    • Take 10 gm of Gokhru with 250 ml milk.
    • Boil it and give to the patient.
  9. Treatment for Uterine colic- Uterine colic is the swelling of uterus which generally appears after abortion
    • Take 5 gm fruits of Gokhru with 5 gm black raisins and 2 gm liquorice root.
    • Grind them all and give to the patient.
    • In a few days of treatment it reduces the  swelling and also treats the discomfort.
  10. Erases Fever

Compositions.:Each 200gm Contains

Gokharu(Tribuns Terrestris) 100%


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